Amber Howle

Front Desk Coordinator

My values… Adventure. Excellence. Independence. Leadership. Self development.

Why I became a front desk coordinator...I became a front desk coordinator as my first job to give me a wider perspective on people and customer service. It has helped me to develop my people skills and my professionalism.

What gets me up in the morning… Family and friends are the reason I get up every morning. I have a very large friend group whom are extremely supportive. I am very grateful for them.

What I love most about our guests... I love their enthusiasm towards our salon, stylists and work environment they’re always so sweet and brighten up my day.

Brand voice… Making sure my guests are happy and satisfied. Glad to give them a great experience and make sure they come back to visit us. The salon as a whole, cares deeply for our guests and loves to see them leave with a smile on their face.