Williamsburg Team




My values... Art. beauty. creativity. family. love. stability.

Why I became a service provider… I love to be creative and try new things.

What gets me up in the morning… Money, food, and family.

What I love most about guests… Build trust and they become like family.

My why… to be able to bring joy and a smile to my clients. To teach my...



Front Desk 


Front Desk Cooridator

My Values: loyalty, family, positive, integrity and honesty

What gets me up in the morning: Being thankful for another day alive and healthy!

What do I love most about my guest: Building relationships with them.

My why: To grow in this business, so blessed for this opportunity.


Front Desk Coordinator

My Values: Family, Self-confidence, Creativity, Growth, Unity

What gets me up in the morning: Coffee, my family and becoming better than I was yesterday

What do I love most about my guest: Loyalty and trust they have in me.

Why did I become a service provider: I enjoy creative freedom

My Why: Love the feeling of making others feel...


Front Desk Coordinator




My values... Family. Beauty. Compassion. Love. Team. Culture. Self-development.

Why I became an owner... My purpose in life is to care for others and grow people. I love making others feel good and being uplifting.

Why I get up in the morning... To reach the next goal, to be a smile in someone’s life, and to show kindness and compassion.

What I love about my guest... I love all of my guests and love when they share their life’s personal experiences and I have grown in my career having met everyone in my...


Salon Leader

My Values: Family, Friends, My kids, Honesty, Empathy

Why I became a service provider: To provide people with a service that can make them feel even better about themselves and to have a one-on-one connection with my guest.

What gets me up in the morning: To provide the best life for my husband and kids.

Why I love my guest: I am able to have such a wonderful and special bond with people that under other circumstances I would never know. I love to grow with my guest.