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Best salon and spa in Virginia. You'll be blown away by your experience with us!

Welcome To blown away

At Blown Away we believe that the relationships we build with our guests are not just about the world class services we provide - these relationships are grounded in a set of core values that remind us every day that we are STRONGER TOGETHER. Our guests are part of our salon family, and we do what we do every day because we love helping our guests look and feel their very best.

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Blown Away Beauty of the month:


Meaghan Mcquillen


My values... Career. Creativity. Happiness. Love. Self-Confidence.

Why did I become a Service Provider... Because I love to make people feel good about themselves and confident.

What gets me up in the morning...My alarm.. Just kidding the fact that I like to make money and enjoy spending time with my coworkers. I love my job.

What do I love most about my guest... When they remember me as a person and details about my life instead of just how I did their hair.



Blown away was established in August of 2011. Two ladies decided to take the leap of faith and go out on their own after years of working in the corporate world. Michelle, owner of Blown Away, was six months pregnant when deciding to take on this adventure. Soon after they found out that her best friend that accompanied her on this journey was pregnant with twins. It was nothing short of a rollercoaster ride trying to navigate through the new waters of becoming an entrepreneur. Soon after opening, their two best friends joined them truly defining the foundation of Blown Away Salon creating...